Dear Future Employer

“All our worries were over when Ms. Hench was hired”
– C. P., Director of Business Services

I am your job candidate with a rich background of employee management, finances, customer service and sales.  I have considerable experience with Human Resource and Payroll Administration, Benefit and contract negotiation, Event Planning, and Project Management.

I also have considerable experience in positions that required superb technical writing skills, and have published a number of fiction short stories, as fiction writing has been my hobby for many years. (Please visit Ouroboros Freelance for more information.)

Angel’s “determination, kindness, and commitment
to quality make her stand out in a league of her own.”
– C. L., Assistant Manager

In December 2015, I earned my B. S. degree in Psychology (Cum Laude) after 10 years of classes squeezed in between full-time jobs and raising two children.  My determination to never quit definitely paid off, and I am currently seeking work that ties together all of my job experience and my education.

I believe that my experience leaves me uniquely qualified to take on whatever Human Resource, Communications or Marketing role your company is looking to fill.


Angel “has easily transitioned from one position to the next without any
difficulty and has strengthened the district with each move.”
– J. L., Superintendent

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